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Posted by Matthias Rogel on 29. April 2013

Tim wrote
… the UTL_RAW package has a bunch of casting functions for RAW values (CAST_TO_BINARY_DOUBLE, CAST_TO_BINARY_FLOAT, CAST_TO_BINARY_INTEGER, CAST_TO_NUMBER, CAST_TO_NVARCHAR2, CAST_TO_VARCHAR2). Note the absence of a CAST_TO_DATE function.

Bertrand Drouvot also misses it, see Bind variable peeking: Retrieve peeked and passed values per execution in oracle 11.2

Here is a try to write one, fixes and improvements are welcome !

create or replace function CAST_TO_DATE(bdr in raw) return date deterministic is
         100 * (to_number(substr(bdr,1,2), 'xx') - 100) + 
         to_number(substr(bdr,3,2), 'xx') - 101, 
     + NUMTOYMINTERVAL(to_number(substr(bdr,5,2), 'xx')-1, 'month')
     + NUMTODSINTERVAL(to_number(substr(bdr,7,2), 'xx')-1, 'day')
     + NUMTODSINTERVAL(to_number(substr(bdr,9,2), 'xx') - 1, 'hour')   
     + NUMTODSINTERVAL(to_number(substr(bdr,11,2), 'xx') - 1, 'minute')   
     + NUMTODSINTERVAL(to_number(substr(bdr,13,2), 'xx') - 1, 'second');
  exception when others then return to_date(1, 'J');
end CAST_TO_DATE;   

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A simple pipelined version of print_table

Posted by Matthias Rogel on 10. April 2013

Tom Kyte’s print_table procedure, available on
seems to be very popular and there exist tricky variations on the theme, for example the following nice xml-trick by Sayan Malakshinov.

Please note that it is very easy to use the existing print_table-code to generate a pipelined version which can be used in SQL.
I use the following code since ages and it always does me a great job, so probably it is worth sharing.

create or replace function fprint_table
( p_query in varchar2,
  p_date_fmt in varchar2 default 'dd-mon-yyyy hh24:mi:ss' )
return sys.odcivarchar2list 
authid current_user
l varchar2(4000);
s integer default 1;
  dbms_output.enable(buffer_size => null);
     p_query => p_query,
     p_date_fmt => p_date_fmt

     dbms_output.get_line(line => l, status => s);
     exit when s != 0;
        pipe row(l);
     exception when no_data_needed then exit;
  end loop;

end fprint_table;

sokrates@11.2 > select * from table(fprint_table('select user,sysdate from dual'));

USER                          : SOKRATES
SYSDATE                       : 10-apr-2013 12:27:50
1 row selected.

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